Everyday Is An Adventure

Sheronda was excited the moment she saw the trails of Runyon Cyn.

Karina was the main one fussing about the intense workout, but loved it in the end.

Josie talks about her workout experience for the day.

Eli shares her experience following her first outing with MLR.

Eli Signs up for the Book Club & WINS!

As a token of appreciation, Ms. Rosalin of VIP House of Hair and creator of the Urban Literature Book Club pulls a name from a hat and MLR Eli wins individual braids!

MLR joins Urban Literature Book Club

I cannot wait to finish the first book and discuss it with the ladies of the ULBC.

MLR meets Da Vinci Board Workout @ Pilates Studio City

These girls are amazing! They did a fantastic job at Pilates Studio City AFTER an hour hiking Runyon Canyon!  Glutes!

MLR meets Runyon Canyon Hollywood!

This was their first time on runyon. Two of them where excited, the other two, not so much...

Vision Page Workshop

Mishirka talks appearance @ vision page workshop

Karina talks setting an example @ vision page workshop

Herbalife Fitness Bootcamp

The girls try their 1st wheatgrass shot after an intense workout

Debbie Allen Dance Academy

Cuckcoo African Dance

Sheronda @ Debbie Allen Dance Academy

African Dance Class

Drummer from Senegal talks health & happiness

Karina @ Debbie Allen Dance Academy

MLR @ DADA free style hip hop dancing

MLR & DADA Free Style